The Prayer Flag Albums

Please find the 350 Prayer Flags that were sent to us from around the world in 2012 through these albums below. Because there are so many flags, to make it easier for everyone to find their photos I have made them in alphabetical albums. There will be a few extra albums for unnamed babies and flags that have multiple names on them.

All of the photos will be placed up on my facebook page. If you made a flag and sent it into us you are very welcome to copy/download your photo straight from my facebook page. Out of respect to the other families who sent in flags, please only copy/download the photos that your flag appears in. The photos are for personal use only.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Album A

Album B

Album C

Album D E

Album F G H

Album I J

Album K

Album L

Album M N O P Q R

Album S T

Album V W X Y Z

Album Anonymous Flags and Flags with “Baby”

Album With Multiple Names Per Flag


  1. says

    These prayer flags are so beautiful! Looking forward to seeing all of them. Thank you for letting us create them and for remembering and honoring our angel babies. <3

  2. says

    The prayer flags are beautiful. I made one, but during the process I became attached so I kept it near. I made a promise that if you do this again next year I will allow it to travel around the world. And thank you for finding a way to include those children who did not have a prayer flag to represent them <3

  3. Yvette Woodhouse says

    Carly Marie – sorry, as I know you have so, so many beautiful flags to go through, but I’ve noticed the ‘A’ album is complete & my little one’s flag is not there ‘Ainle’ with the date ‘27.4.12’. You received the flags as I had an e-mail from you with the wonderful butterflies, and my other lost one, Fintan’s, flag is there in the ‘F’ album. Are there more ‘A’s’ to be photographed?
    Many thanks indeed.
    Best wishes, Yvette

    • CarlyMarie says

      Yvette, I am so sorry that I am only seeing this now. I definitely have Ainle’s Flag so I will see if I just missed uploaded the photograph xxx

  4. Connie says

    I just found you on FB & Twitter as you started following our local leaders for Return To Zero. I didn’t realize you were still doing so very much or that there was a great way to keep up with your projects. Is it to late to participate in this, I noticed that the start date is June 23.


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