October 15th Beach Prayer Flag Project

Please note that submissions for this 2012 project have now closed.


This evening I’ve been sitting on my couch with my girls. We are making some flags for a party we are having in a couple of weeks to celebrate the end of this relentless Winter, oh and the fact that I’m turning 30 as well. Anyway sitting there with my sweet hearts, I had an idea… I know another one.

I was writing some of my overseas and interstate friend’s names within the flags. The people who I wish would be able to come and celebrate with me but for obvious reasons, can’t. It is my way of having them there in spirit. Anyway back to this idea that I had. Each year for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day my girlfriends and I host a Remembrance Ceremony at Christian’s Beach. Each year I am saddened by the number of messages and emails I receive from people saying how much they wish they could come and attend ceremony, but because of their location, it’s just impossible. So this year I was thinking that I would love to invite everyone out their who has been touched by the loss of a baby or child to include their babies and children in our ceremony by making their own blessing/prayer flag to honour and remember them. Once they have completed their flags they can mail them down to us here in Perth Western Australia. My girlfriends and I (who I haven’t even asked yet but because they are AMAZING women, I know they will want to help) will get together and string all of the flags together to hang up at the beach for the candlelighting ceremony. I just think it will be such an amazing site to see all the flags on the beach as the sun sets.

Honour your babies and children and create something beautiful for them! I have a Pin Board with all different images of flags to get you thinking about what sort of flag you would like to make. You may want to use your flag to write your child a letter. You may simply want to have their name and special date. You could include a symbol that reminds you of them, like a bird or butterfly. You could choose any sort of material. You could use water colour paint, fabric paint or pens. You could add beads and buttons. The design possibilities are endless. If you are unsure on how to make a prayer flag just google prayer flag making tutorials!

We would love it if you could include your child’s name somewhere within the flag but please, do not stress if you did not give your baby a name. All that matters is that your create this flag with all the love that you have for your child. We will of course be taking photos of the end display for you all to see. Depending on how many flags are sent in we hope to have them all individually photographed and put into an online gallery.

Information you need to know:

We would really need to have your flags by October 1st so that we can have time to sew and string them all together. If you are not in Australia you need to allow 14 days for postage. Your flag will be displayed at our beach ceremonies to come in the future so we will not be able to send it back to you, please do not send a flag to us if you really want to keep it… {a good excuse to make two huh?!}

Please make your prayer flag 9 width x 12 length inches. The top inch & 1/2 will be folded over when we string it up so please keep that in mind when you create your flag’s design. It might be a good idea to wrap your flag in a plastic bag to protect it from any sort of water damage while it is on it’s way down to us.

Please include with your flag a note from you letting us know who the flag was made in memory of and a little about them, like their special dates and what part of the world they were from. Please also include a contact email addess for yourself.

I so look forward to including your babies and children in such a meaningful and awe inspiring way at our candlelight beach ceremony this October. It is going to be something else. Please feel welcome to share this on your favourite social media website.

Much love and blessings to you all!


  1. says

    WOW I am in awe of your immensely beautiful soul Carly! I will definitely be working on a flag to send you all the way from Texas US for my ABCs. Alyssa, Bailey, Christian

  2. Ediclyne says

    Such a beautiful, precious idea and one to which I know my living child will want to contribute as well. Thank you Carly.

  3. says

    oh my goodness friend… this has got to be one of the most amazing ideas EVER! How I wish I could be there this October!!!! I can’t wait to see this beautiful idea through your photographs though, it will be breathtaking for sure <3

  4. JC says

    Carly, thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Got a quick question for you, however, as I’m not very crafty and I want to get it right. Are the flags going to be hung from the 9 inch width or the 12 inch length (ie which side is up)?? Thanks

  5. Lori says

    This is such a beautiful idea, Carly! “Thank you” can’t begin to cover it!! I will definitely be sending a flag for my son, and one for our babies lost to miscarriage. I think I will also make copies of the flags to have here, to put out with our candles on that night. You are so amazing, to share this with us. Christian continues to touch countless lives.

    • CarlyMarie says

      Lori I think it is so wonderful that you are going to make copies for yourself. I am going to encourage everyone to do that. I am so excited about this. I think it is going to be truly amazing, Opening my post box tomorrow!

  6. Angela Mitchell says

    Hi Carly,

    I am going to send a flag for the ceremony. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to use one of the images that you have taken for me in the flag (printed onto fabric). Is that okay with you?

    Also, will there be some way we will know our flags have reached you?

    Thank you for a beautiful way to have our babies remember on 15 October.

    Peace and love to you and your beautiful family.

    Angela Mitchell

  7. says

    I’m definitely going to send a couple flags for my Wyatt and Eli. If we were to include postage money, would you be able to mail them back afterwards? Or would it be something you’d like to stay together for future flag flying opportunities? I completely understand if that would be too overwhelming for you considering the amount of flags you will be receiving, but just wanted to check! Would be kinda cool to know where they’ve been and have them back. :o)

  8. Jessica Urizar says

    I just found out about you and your project. Thank you for caring so much and for understanding the importance of our children. <3 I will be sending you my flag! From South Carolina…

  9. elizabeth says

    i think this is absolutely amazing! I have had the heartache of 7 first trimester miscarriages with no live births. I want to honor each one of my special angel babiea, but I was wondering, do I make one flag and incorporate them all of make a seperate flag for each? I have never even head of prayer flag before this project and just want to be sure I understand it correctly. thank you so much for doing this. it will bring such a since of peace to my life, knowing that even though they were all so early, they were still babies, my babies.

  10. says

    My flag is being made, even now, in my heart for my five baby angels. I hope to have it in my hands to be mailed on to you by weeks end. :) Such a powerful coming together of so much loving intention. I am honored to be a part of this ritual.
    xoxo with my deep respect,

  11. Robyna says

    I just sent mine in the mail yesterday, and it’s ‘sister’ is flapping gently in the breeze on my veranda – sending my prayers for Xavier and our family to the winds. Hope you receive it soon. Can’t wait to see what others have created for their angels if you are able to take the pictures.

  12. Arika Haines says

    I am really enjoying the connection I feel to my Angel as I make her flag for the ceremony. Carly, you are amazing and all that you do to remember Christian and his Angel friends is amazing too!!! You are a beautiful woman!!

  13. Patricia Huckell says

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for doing this. My flag for Brady is on it’s way from Washington State this am.

  14. Eva says

    Carly I sent my flag yesterday in memory of Brianna. I made it with all the love left in my broken heart. Thanks for your dedication.

  15. Christine Ivanic says

    Thank you for opening up your remembrance event to all of us….. I will hopefully be sending you flags for my precious angels… (I unfortunately am not very crafty)… May I please also include one for my grand daughter’s baby cousin (from her Mother’s side) that was born and called Home 9/10/12?

  16. Amber Pendergrass says

    And with a kiss her flag started its journey… <3

    I did not make a duplicate flag, I feel this one is now unique and can make its own adventure over land and sea. Actually this reminds me of the song 'Paper Aeroplane' by Angus And Julia Stone.

  17. says


    Do you need us to sew the top so there is a loop to run a string through to hang it up or are you going to simply pin them up? Finishing my flag this weekend and want to be sure I finish it properly.

    Love this!

    Crystal Hanson

  18. Jennifer Ort says

    Thank you for your generous heart. I truly believe God has a purpose for all of us, and although I know you would rather have Christian with you, his passing has given this perinatal/infant/child loss world an angel who can help the healing process.

    My flag is on its way from the United States. Again, thank you and God bless you always
    Jennifer Ort

  19. says

    I only came across this link now, and I would love to join in. I stay in South Africa and it may take me 2 days to make it and then like you said 10 days to post, please tell me I can still enter?

  20. says

    Oh Carly…what a beautiful idea. I only ran across your site yesterday but have made a flag for my precious girls Annalise and Emmalyn and will be mailing it out tomorrow. Your heart just bleeds grace and tenderness. It is so nice to come across your site that encourages us to talk and share about our babies. I am greatly encouraged by the amount of support that your husband has put forth into your mission. May God bless you greatly.

  21. Gemma says

    I am posting my flag to you today. I apologise for it coming late, i wanted to make the flags with my Mother-in-Law who just arrived from England. I thought it would be a lovely way to bond a little with her Grandson she never got to meet. A wonderful project Carly!

  22. Monica says

    I just found out about the flag ceremony yesterday. I sent it via Express Post today from Vancouver, Canada. Hope it will get to you on time. But one thing though, I think I forgot to put my email address! Can I give it to you through here?

    A parcel from Monica Yau, Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Inside there’s a flag for Acacius and a note about him. Parents: Monica & Gary. Our email address is mgm678@gmail.com

    Sorry for missing that piece of information! >.<

  23. JC says

    Carly, I was going to express post today from Melbourne but I can’t find the address – please could you let me know so I can submit our two flags? Thanks so much, Jess


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