International Bereaved Mothers Day

mothersdaywmWelcome to the official International Bereaved Mother’s Day website. Here below you will find all the information about this movement and how you can be a part of it. International Bereaved Mother’s Day will celebrated on Sunday May 3rd 2015

Mother’s Day is a day of the year that we come together to celebrate all the mothers around the world. It’s a day that is supposed to bring joy, recognition, love and appreciation to these incredible women that do so much for humanity. If you have experienced the death of one or more of your children, struggle to conceive a child or are unable to fall pregnant at all, this day can often bring up feelings of isolation, unworthiness, pain and sadness. Much of society has forgotten the true meaning of Mother’s Day and fails to support and recognize all true mothers.


Do know the history behind the official Mother’s Day? Think it’s just another card company holiday? Think again. American, Anna Jarvis, founded the official day in 1908 to honour her own mother, Ann. Ann Jarvis gave birth to around a dozen children. Only 4 survived to grow into adults. Most of her children who died, passed away from diseases such as the measles and typhoid fever. The history of this Mother’s Day is fascinating. With such heartfelt and meaningful roots, it is devastating to see how through the years, the true meaning of mother’s day has been some what lost and is now what some would describe as a commercialized mess that large companies make millions of dollars from. The worst thing is that bereaved mothers are usually completely forgotten.

Mother’s Day was created in honour of a bereaved mother. It’s time to take our day back to its roots. For us to educate the rest of society on the true meaning of Mother’s Day, we must use our voices. We become mothers the very moment that we open our hearts to the idea of conceiving a child. Let us remind people of this truth.


In 2010, I felt drawn to create International Bereaved Mother’s Day to help heal women around the world with Mother Hearts that are hurting. This is also a day for us to educate society about the true meaning of Mother’s Day. International Bereaved Mother’s Day is a temporary movement. It is a heart centered attempt at healing the official Mother’s Day. I believe that we can do this and that sometime in the near future there will be no need for this day at all because all true mothers will be recognized, loved, supported and celebrated.

Sunday May 3rd 2015, get together with your closest friends and family and celebrate your beautiful Mother Heart. Celebrate your babies and children. Lets speak about the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Let us start some healing conversations.


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This is the second year that we take part in The Mother Hearts Project and like last year it is set to be a beautiful movement. Click here to visit the project.


Visit my facebook page to join the community of bereaved mothers at the facebook event who are working with each other to heal Mother’s Day.



More updates on this day, including an event register for gatherings around the world will be coming soon. Please visit the facebook page to stay updated.



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All media inquiries can be addressed to Anne Gibson at email


1. Acknowledge: Think about the women in your life. Do you know if they have suffered a loss? Have they struggled to conceive a child? Are they unable to fall pregnant? It does not matter what they have faced, they still deserve love and recognition for being the beautiful mothers that they are. In the words of Franchesca Cox, “A mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.” Sometimes a few simple heartfelt words in a card/letter/sms/email is all it takes to help lift the spirits of a mother hurting this Mother’s Day. “You are a beautiful mother.” or “You have a beautiful Mother Heart.” “You are an honour to your children.” “This world need more mother’s like you.” A simple “I am thinking of you today.” is perfect. Extend as much love as you can and if you can give that mother a hug in person, even better.

2. Speak Their Child’s Name: This is so important. People are often afraid to say their child’s name because they feel like they will be reminding the mother of what happened. Us mothers, we never forget. One of our biggest fears is that our children will be forgotten, so speak their names. It is one of the greatest gifts you could give.

3. Hold Space and Listen: Spend some time with your friends and family. Hold a safe space for them. Ask them how they are doing and really listen to them. You do not have to offer your advice, truth is, if you have not experienced what they have, it probably isn’t going to help anyway. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us. You do not need to fix your loved one, you just need to love them.

4. Honour Their Journey and/or Child: There are a few things that you can do to make this day special. Firstly, if your friend has experienced the death of one or more of their children, you could do something in memory of them. A few ideas could be, planting a tree or giving the mother a tree to plant in their honour. You could give the mother a piece of memorial jewellery that features her child’s name or love hearts if her babies were too young to be named. You could make a donation to a charity in their honour.

5. Accept: Accept that your loved one may not want to attend the family gathering this year. If they feel that they could not handle the event, they are taking responsibility for their own healing. This is truly wonderful. Honour their choice, even if it disappoints you. Tell them that you understand and that if they change their mind on the day, they are still welcome to come. Let them know that they will be thought of.


1: Look After Yourself: Be gentle on yourself and do what is right for you. If that means saying no to the family dinner, then so be it. You may disappoint people, but how people choose to react to your decision or choice is not your responsibility.

2: Comfort Yourself: Spend the day doing things that comfort your heart. You may want to go for a walk in the fresh air or visit the beach. Soak in a bath. Go out with your best friend for lunch. Or maybe retreating with ice-cream and movie sounds best to you. Surround yourself with loving people who if not understand what you have been through, accept it.

3: Honour Your Child/Journey: Bringing ritual into your journey can help with healing. You may want to create a space in your home to remember your child, or honour the journey you are on. Light a candle, put up some beautiful images and allow the space to be a place of reflection and healing for you.

4: Seek Out Support: Whether that support is from friends or family or from resources or support groups online, it does not matter. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you are taking responsibility for your healing and that is a beautiful strength.

5: Take Part In The Mother Hearts Project: The Mother Hearts Project is a beautiful and meaningful way for your to celebrate Mother’s Day. It not only helps ease the pain for your heart, but it also empowers yourself and will allow you to inspire others as well. You are a beautiful mother who deserves all the love in the world. The Mother Hearts Project was created for you. More information on this coming soon.


My wish for you all is that through this special day you feel recognized as mothers. You are all worthy of the title. Truly you are. I hope you feel honoured this year, if not by your friends and family members, than by the millions of women out there around the world who empathize and understand what you are going through. I hope you feel empowered to share your own hearts and stories and help us to make a change in society so that we can bring the true meaning of Mother’s Day back. Whatever you do, wherever you are on this day, I send you my love. You are all beautiful mothers.

With light and hope,

Carly Marie


To help raise awareness for this beautiful project take some flowers from the flower gallery below. Post them as your profile image on your favourite social network. Post them on your friends walls on facebook and let them know they are beautiful mothers. Please feel welcome to use the images on your blogs or websites.




  1. says

    This is so touching, thank you so much! We definitely do deserve to be recognized as mother’s, although our arms are empty.
    Thank you again, simply amazing.

  2. Rebecca Foulger says

    What a BEAUTIFUL site. The images make me feel happy and are very inspiring. i think Bereaved Mothers Day is a GREAT idea and i’m actually looking forwards to celebrating the life i carried for only a few short weeks. Thankyou soooo much! x

  3. Rebecca Foulger says

    i’ve started an events page on facebook for this wonderful wonderful day. please feel free to join it’s under the name International Bereaved Mothers Day with one of the wonderfully gorgeous flowers as the picture. Please pass this page to others who are in the same boat x

  4. Christina Hermosa says

    Thank you so much for showing we need to be recognized too. My heart is feeled with so much joy right now. Thank you. :)

  5. says

    I lost my first baby due to miscarriage a little over a month ago. I am so sad and dreading mothers day. Thank you for ‘creating’ this day of remberence. Even though the world looks at me and does not see me as a mother, I know in my heart that I am and this day brings that to light. Thank you.

  6. Shannon says

    Thank you for this. Having had a miscarriage and then within the last 3 weeks, carrying a baby full term, only to have him pass 7 hours after birth (we were aware he was sick and had a 50/50 chance of survival due to his defect), the thought of Mother’s Day is unbearable. I’m not even sure I can call my mother and say the words to her without breaking down. I almost lost it in Target the other day, after walking past the Mother’s Day cards, and couldn’t even pick one out for my mom. More people need to be aware that just because there are men and women who aren’t pushing carriages or holding babies, doesn’t mean they aren’t moms and dads, and people who haven’t been in our situation don’t understand that. Thank you.

  7. says

    Thank you for sharing this day I lost my 13 Year old Son 13 Years ago and every Mothers Day is a painful reminder of the loss of my only Child it is nice to have have a Day to celebrate our beloved Angels together.

    Take care from Jacki

  8. Lynda Bishop says

    THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU for having this site. I miss my son David Matthew. Love to him and all the babies and momma’s here. God Bless <3

  9. G says

    I am in my sixties. I lost a child more than thirty years ago. A few years ago a friend brought a spiritual medium to my house. I did not believe in such things. The first thing he said to me was, “Your father and the baby you lost so many years ago are waiting for you in heaven”. It was a shock as I had never shared that loss with my friend or even my husband as it had occurred in a previous marriage. So know that we are still connected to those children and that hopefully some day we will be reunited.

    • says

      It brings a sense of peace knowing they are waiting for us in heaven. I have always wanted to meet with a spiritual medium, but not sure who is real and who isn’t, I don’t want to get my hopes up but I’m happy for you that you were able to have the experience to know your baby and father are waiting for you. I am sorry for your losses. Thank you for sharing,

  10. says

    Thank you so much for organizing this day. I posted a status today about this day and changed my profile picture. A little dissapointed barely anyone commented and none of my family said anything about my status.

  11. Nicole Williams says

    Hi there,
    Is this International Bereaved Mothers Day picture available to have printed?
    Thanks so much.

  12. Lacey says

    I honestly had no idea about any of this until a week ago. I gave birth to my angel baby on May 13th. Mothers Day. It will never be the same for me, or anyone connected to me I guess. Ive been spending all my time finding websites like this one, and while it makes me feel better to know Im not alone, it hurts to know how many Mommies have to go through the loss of a child.

  13. Fernanda de Mexico says

    Gracias!!! Hace un mes perdí a mis mellizos, tenia 6 meses de embarazo y se complico. Aun que tengo otros dos hijos es muy difícil continuar sin mis dos bebes, gracias por tu blog y compartir, hace que las demás que pasamos por lo mismo nos sintamos comprendidas.

  14. says

    Any holiday can be such a hard time. My 1st mother’s day was in the NICU holding my baby girl only with a lot of pads and cushions and cords. My second was spent praying baby #2 would not have Oseteogenesis Imperfects (brittle bones) that our 1st baby girl had. Our rainbow reminds us every day how precious life is, and we continue to honor and cherish our rainbow Alle Shea whose unbreakable spirit lasted 5 weeks we have a website in her honor too which tells of some of our experiences. There are times that 2009 seems like a lifetime ago, and others that is is still happening right now. Love to all mothers and all the angel babies, and rainbow babies too.

  15. lyndellmaree says

    Thank you Carly.
    Through Sands Queensland we are holding a Bereaved Mothers Day morning tea to support mothers in Brisbane and having a Mother’s Day card exchange for any bereaved mother. If anyone wants details they can contact

  16. Susan says

    Gracias por tener esta pagina,,,,y claro que es verdad! Como nos sentimos las madres que hemos perdido nuestros bebes!!!

  17. Cassandra says

    I lost my son 3 weeks ago, I carried full term with a healthy little boy, only for him to pass 26 hours after coming into this world. I also had a miscarriage prior to that, its been a devasting long journey. I am happy I have found your website. It brings hope :)

  18. Debbie Spicer says

    Just finding this after losing my 38 year old daughter, Kristy as well as my 5 year old Jordan, and som -in-law David, I find it doesn’t matter how old your child is when you lose them. The pain is as real and urgent any. For the mother losing a child from the womb till the end of your own life, losing a child is the most difficult and painful event in ones life. We do go on. It may not be because we want too. We have too. Love to and and all mothers who have lost a child. I am right there with you!
    Debbie Spicer

  19. Leanne says

    My name is Leanne and I just recently loss my baby, Daniel. He was born at 24 weeks, weighing just 1lb 10oz. He lived for 9 days, he passed away on December 7th 2013. I was by his side everyday in the NICU. Me and my husband had been trying for a year to conceive, I even started to wonder if I couldn’t have children. So when I found out I was pregnant I was so happy. I live in the US and my family live in the UK. They is no words for the pain I feel. I am so glad I came across your website. I was thinking about how Mother’s Day was approaching, in the UK Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday March 30 2014, different to the US. My Facebook will be flooded with Mother’s Day wishes, and all I feel is pain and that I won’t get to celebrate this day with my baby like Every one else, who has their child still here.

  20. Janet says

    The video clip was beautiful! Thank you. On Sept. 13, 2010 my baby boy was 23 months old. He was taken off life support. I miss him every day of my life.

  21. says

    We just found out on April 22nd that our baby’s heart had stopped beating. It was our 7th miscarriage, our 6th miscarriage in the 2 years that we’d been trying to complete our family. Tomorrow we’re releasing 7 purple balloons, to represent a miscarriage where the gender was not known, though we are waiting on pathology and will know the gender of the baby we just lost. Thank you for reaching out and spreading the word about tomorrow. I hope it helps other mother’s, I know it will help me.

  22. Jan says

    A beautiful, beautiful video and message. And not to take away from that at all, but I would have liked to have heard a portion been included to the mothers who have lost older and adult children, as this seems to focus more on mothers of babies and small children. We “get lost” in the celebration of Mother’s Day as well. Still, a beautifully done tribute.

  23. says

    i lost a beautifull son,,he was 32 years blessed with another 3 darlings…but NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY THE EVERLASTING PAIN OF LOSS……I did find COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS,,so helpfull..grief never leaves,,but somehow..we keep living..if only for others,,mother of Cameron an angel..always in my heart…blessings to you all..

  24. Jane says

    “We become mothers the very moment that we open our hearts to the decision of conceiving a child.” Or adopting!

  25. carol says

    My CARLIE MARIA is in Heaven. She left here on May 5,2008. She was sick for 5 years. Thank you for this thoughtful acknowledgement.

  26. Jeanne V. Peacock says

    I lost my only child in a very tragic manner while I was on a mission trip in Nicaragua. He was only 25… His 6th Heaven Date is coming up soon: July 15…

  27. Mun says

    Thank you for this beautiful thought. I lost my 21 year old son on May 5th. 2013. Today its exactly one year.

  28. Lisa says

    May 18th will be 6 years since I lost my oldest daughter Danielle, she was only 29 & left 2 children behind. Time does not make it any easier, you just learn to cope.

  29. Amanda Borg says

    Thank you for this sight, I am a mother who lost her teenage son, he was 14 when he was taken away and my always in my heart…as are the two babies I lose too

  30. Carol Walston says

    She was always my GOD’S child, he allowed me the privilege of being instrumental in giving birth to her. She was 35 when he required of me to give her back to him. She was never really mine, always his. I’ve recovered with his grace, mercy, strength and courage although there is no closure. I question my GOD not about it, I just know that it was his will. May these words bring comfort to another “International Bereaved Mother” as these thoughts have given me some PEACE and COMFORT. Thank you for creating this website, it also is good to share with others that has had the “Unimagineable Experience” too. It helps to be able to share and talk of this with others and know you’re not alone. I’m so SORRY for all having had this experience as well. Prayers to all of you……..May GOD bring you PEACE and COMFORT

  31. Hailey says

    I love my son Samuel on Dec 03, 2013. I have struggled with my healing ever since. I just found this site today and already it has helped me to think a great deal about my healing and the fact that I am a mother even though I do not have a child to raise. I never knew that there was such a thing as Bereaved Mother’s Day, but I don’t feel so alone anymore. Thank you for this site and for this day


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