Small Miracles Blog Hop – Celebrating Hope

Franchesca wrote that sometimes Heaven seems so distant. I have struggled with this for years. 

But lately…

I find that the biggest miracles come from the smallest things.

I find them in the intricate beauty of the tiniest flower.

I find them in the sound of the beautiful birds singing to each other each morning at the park across the road from my house.

I find them in the laughter of my daughters, usually as I am trying to get some desperately needed sleep, I always end up attending festival of laughter with the head lining acts being my two youngest tinkerbells.

But mostly, I find the biggest miracles in the sounds and sparkles of the ocean at sunset each night. I feel the most pure energy consume my body as I step barefoot into the sand of that gorgeous beach. My worries are gone. Everything is perfect just for that little time when day transitions into night.

What small or big miracles do you find hope in? If you have a story to share or you are looking for hope on this road of grief visit Franchesca’s Blog. There is a whole heaps or little miracles emerging there :)


  1. Franchesca says

    The way you describe the peace and energy that overcomes you when you step onto Christian's beach reminds me of what a miracle truly is. It is in the smallest things. Thank you so much for sharing your miracles Carly.

    sending heaps of love to you!! xxxx

  2. New Year Mum says

    Thank you so much Carly for sharing the miracle of Christian's beach with the rest of us through your photos… you and Francesca have amazing and inspirational ideas :)) xo

  3. Deanna says

    There are no words to thank you for the hope you have given so many just by acknowledging our children. Thank you, Carly! Thank you for sharing, your miracles with the rest of the world.

  4. Holly says

    I imagine it to be an amazing experience to be able to see the ocean every day and dig your toes in the sand and experience a little bit of Heaven on earth.

  5. Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries says


    I think the everyday stuff holds the sweetest miracles. Your visits to the ocean seem like such an extraordinary gift of of beauty, though…certainly not everyday to me!

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