October 2014 – Let Us Remember

mandalafinalOn this eve of October Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, let us take a moment to remember why we are here. We are here to honour and remember our babies and children that we love and miss so very deeply.

For those of us who are newly bereaved, may we protect are hearts and remember to look after ourselves. May we not feel pressured to do anything that we are not comfortable with.

For those of us who have founded charities, organizations, groups and businesses, may we remember the reason why we started them and not get carried away with the social media hype that wants us to have the most amount of likes or raise the most amount of money or whatever it is that we feel we have to strive to do. May we remember that we are here to help others like us. When we keep our projects true to our hearts and children, everything will fall into place. Let this month be not about competition but about COMPASSION and EMPATHY. May we remember to give ourselves breaks and accept offers of help if we receive them. We must look after ourselves first if we want to be able to make a healing difference in other people’s lives.

For those of us who are energized to break the silence surrounding the death of babies and children, may we speak words of KINDNESS to others, including ourselves. If we find ourselves in a situation where someone else is being unkind or cruel, let us have the STRENGTH to not retaliate with cruel words. These people are broken and only speak negative words to us because they feel they have to hurt others to feel better about themselves. They speak no truth about us, our babies or our community. Let us have the HONOUR and COURAGE to ignore, report, block and carry on with our missions and let us let go of any urge to join in with any kind of drama or controversy. Let us not give away our precious energy to these people. We do not give these people our permission to hurt or upset us. May we educate society by being kind towards them rather than looking at it as a battle. If we want to be understood, we must invite people into our stories and lives so they can LEARN about us with OPEN HEARTS rather than have us push our cause onto them. We break the silence with PEACE in our hearts and kindness in our words.

Let us take regular moments to stop and BREATHE, when things feel too overwhelming and may we allow ourselves to RETREAT, if that is what we need to do.

May October 2014 be a month that we can all look back and say “That was such an incredibly HEALING time in my life.”

Be an example of peace and speak kindness, honour and LOVE in memory of your children this Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month REMEMBER why it is that we are all here. May al of our efforts be heart-centered.

I wish you all my love and blessings for all of your individual journeys of healing,

With love and remembrance, in honour of my precious son, Christian,

CarlyMarie x


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