The Mother Hearts Project – 2015

carlyfinalheartWhen you invite women to support, inspire and empower each other, something magical happens…

Welcome to The Mother Hearts Project for International Bereaved Mothers Day – 2015.

The theme this year is . . .


The Mother Hearts Project was created to honour, empower and uplift women around the world with true mother hearts. This project was inspired by a dear friend of mine named Teresa. Teresa is one of the most beautiful mothers that I have ever had the honour of knowing. Her heart is as big as the ocean and the love that she holds for her two precious daughters that she never got the chance to physically – raise is endless. While it is obvious to me that Teresa is a mother, she is not always recognized as one, and that is a really tough thing to go through. I created The Mother Hearts Project to shine a light on and celebrate all the different types of beautiful mothers in this world, especially the women who are not always recognized.

returntoEarlier this year, I spent 5 days deep in the rainforest near the base of Mount Warning in NSW, Australia with these precious souls above. I gave some healing workshops at the Return To Zero Women’s Retreat. It was such an incredible journey of healing our hearts and our relationship that we have with ourselves and our physical bodies and also our grief. There were moments of release, relief, forgiveness, self-love and acceptance.  It was all about women supporting women. Something that we need so much more of in this world.

Through this inspiring journey of discovering the beautiful parts of ourselves, doing the work to heal our hearts and learning to love and accept ourselves through our pain and grief, we connected with our own Mother Hearts in all their beauty and glory.  I asked my dear friends if they would like to share their healing with the rest of the world. I was so delighted when they all said YES! I asked all the mothers to let go of any fear or doubts that they may have had about their own creativity and I invited them all to draw their own Mother Hearts. I asked them to think about all the beautiful words that were written down about them during the retreat and I then proceeded to invite them to share their favourite affirmations with all of you around the world.  I was amazed to see these women embrace this workshop the way they did. I have never been in the company of so many women where all their hearts were centered with complete love and compassion. They truly honoured their children’s lives in the most incredible way.

At the end of the retreat the mothers gave me their heart drawings and affirmations. I took them home with me, added some colour and now it is time that we give them all away to you!

It is with complete joy and gratitude that I share with you this year’s Mother Heart Empowering Affirmations and Messages of Love and Empowerment. Each heart and affirmation was hand-drawn and written by a bereaved mother who took ownership of her healing and wanted to share that healing, love and empowerment with the rest of the world. Over the next day I will be linking these artworks below to Facebook, where you will be able to share the images easily and also read a little more about these beautiful women. I will be also sharing them through my other social media pages.




You are welcome to print these affirmations and messages of love out as many times as you please. Share them on your favourite social media and give them to your friends, family or support groups. The Mother Hearts Project is about uplifting your sisters, so be a shining light and spread the love with us! Let us hep to ease the pain for those who suffer during Mother’s Day.

If you would like to go one step further in this project and be a shining light for others, take a photo of yourself making a heart shape with your hands over your own mother heart and give your own affirmation and message of love and empowerment to share on social media. Remember to use the hashtag #ihaveamotherheart

It is time for us to stand up and own our amazing mother hearts and empower each other, so that we can make a positive change. Not just for ourselves but for future generations to come. SHINE YOUR HEART LIGHT and let your Mother Heart lead others to discover just how amazing and beautiful they really are.

My heartfelt thanks to all the amazing mothers who gave their hearts and words so willingly to this project. You are all incredible shining lights in my life. Also, my love and deep gratitude to Kiley Hanish, my dear friend and founder of The Return To Zero Center For Healing for allowing me to begin this project at her amazing retreat.

All my love and peace to you all,









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