August 19th – Day of Hope, World-Wide Remembrance Ceremony

UPDATED: Watch the full Remembrance Ceremony through this youtube video below.

proceedingsYou are invited to attend the first ever World-Wide Remembrance Ceremony for The Bereaved Parents Community. This amazing event is being held on August 18/19th (depending on your time zone) – Day of Hope. The ceremony will be streamed live over the internet and will feature 8 speakers from our community. You will be able to watch it anywhere where you can get an internet connection. If the ceremony happens to fall in the middle of the night in your time zone, please do not worry as you will be able to watch it on youtube whenever you please afterwards as we will record it. Of course if you are wanting to get up in the middle of the night to be a part of this history making event, we welcome you to do so.

Below here are all the details of how the ceremony will run.

PLACE: This is an online event that will be streamed via youtube so you will be able to watch it from wherever you are at the time if you have internet connection.

WHERE TO WATCH: The main place to watch the event is on the August 19th – Day of Hope event wall on facebook. If you would prefer not to join the event for privacy reasons you can watch the ceremony at my facebook page. Please note that if you would like to receive reminders on facebook, it is a good idea to join the event itself or click on “Get Notifications” when you hover your cursor over the “liked” button on my facebook page. You can always subscribe to my youtube channel to get notified when the ceremony begins as well.

HOW: When you come to the facebook page or event, you will see a youtube video. All you have to do is click on the play button and the ceremony (if it has started) will start playing for you. Watching the ceremony will be just like watching a youtube video, it is that easy, only it is live which makes this super special.

TIME: Here are a list of time zones that the ceremony will be taking place in. If you city is not here, you can google the time difference.

New York USA: 10:30PM August 18th
Minnesota USA: 9:30PM August 18th
Chicago USA 9.30PM August 18th
Los Angeles USA: 7:30PM August 18th
San Francisco USA 7:30PM August 18th
Wellington NZ: 2:30PM August 19th
Sydney AUS: 12:30PM August 19th
Perth AUS: 10:30AM August 19th
Paris FRA 4:30AM August 19th
Munich GER 4:30AM August 19th
Zurich SWI 4:30AM August 19th
Rome ITALY 4:30AM August 19th
Johannesburg SA 4:30AM August 19th
London UK 3:30AM August 19th
Dublin IRE 3:30AM August 19th

WHAT TO DO BEFORE THE CEREMONY BEGINS: Please feel welcome to copy the Ceremony Proceedings above to your computer or if you would like to print it out, please do that. At the beginning of the ceremony we will all be lighting a candle at the same time to honour all the babies and children that have brought us all together in this time and space. We invite you to do the same. If you do not have a candle, please do not worry as we will be lighting an extra one just for you. It is probably a good idea to have a box of tissues with you as well.

Before the ceremony begins we hope you can find some quiet time to calm your heart and mind. Wear something comfortable. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down and relax. You may want to have your prayer flag with you (if you made one) or maybe something of you baby so that you can feel them close during the ceremony. That could be an ultrasound image, a photo, a blanket, a teddy bear etc. Just before the ceremony begins we will give everyone a space on facebook to share who they are watching in memory of.

AFTERWARDS: We understand that the ceremony may bring up many emotions for people and so we ask you to be gentle on yourselves. After the ceremony has concluded we invite you all to join us back at the event on facebook.

Ceremony speakers2CEREMONY SPEAKERS: We have some wonderfully inspiring speakers for our Ceremony! Franchesca Cox from Wildfeathers Vintage, Carrie Fisher-Pascual from STILL Project, Lori Mullins Ennis and Mandy Hansen from Still Standing Magazine, Kiley Krekorian Hanish from Return To Zero, Lindsey Henke from Pregnancy After Loss Support and Nathalie Himmelrich from Grieving Parents Support Network will all be joining us and sharing some words of love, hope, recognition and remembrance that they have personally chosen.

PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT: This is going to be an incredibly moving experience for all who will be joining us and it is an amazing opportunity for those of you who have never attended a remembrance ceremony before. So please spread the word by sharing the news with your friends, family and support groups!!! We welcome anyone who is grieving the death of a baby or child (regardless of age/gestation or circumstances in which they died) to join us, that includes friends and family.

We are so looking forward to sharing this first ever world-wide ceremony with you all. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.

With love,

CarlyMarie x


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