The Mother Hearts Project


“A mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.”

- Franchesca Cox


The meaning of a Mother goes far deeper than I believe our greater society realizes. We seem to only recognize women as mothers if they have given birth to a live child, when really, we should be recognizing so many more women as mothers. Real mothers come in so many different beautiful forms. Some of them raise all of their children here on Earth. Some of them have experienced the death of their baby or child. Many mothers carry their children only in their hearts. So many of these women who should be recognized as mothers are unable to conceive a child at all. There are also women out there who for whatever reason have chosen to care for children that are not biologically theirs and these are just a few examples of the mothers in this world who are not always recognized by our greater society. With Mother’s Day around the corner I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to celebrate all of the women who hold deep love in their hearts for children. So lets bridge some gaps and shine a light on all the different amazing mothers in this world, the women with Mother Hearts.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been drawing Mother Hearts to reflect all of the different types of real mothers in our society. This project is about the giving and receiving of love and recognition for these real mothers. I have created some Mother Heart statements and a bunch of cards for you to use and give away as you please. The cards that I have created can be given to any woman who you believe has a real Mother Heart, regardless of whether or not she has children to look after here on Earth. The center of this project is love. So spread it as much as you can and together we can heal Mother’s Day for so may women. Our Mother Hearts are rich with love, yearning, strength, joy, grief and so much more. Let us come together and speak about these amazing mothers.

On Sunday May 4th, I am hosting International Bereaved Mother’s Day. On this day, I invite you all to feel and BE EMPOWERED as mothers by taking part in The Mother Hearts Project. This will be the main day for us to share this project, but of course, if you are super passionate, you can start sharing the project now!

Throughout the next month I will be featuring some beautiful mothers on my fb page and there will also be a Google Hangout towards the end of the project – which I am beyond excited about!!

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness for all the women in this world who do not feel recognized as mothers. It is a time of love and healing for them and it is also a time to awaken and educate society to all the beautiful different mothers of this world. You do not have to be from the bereaved parents community to take part in this project. I am welcoming everyone to take part. This project is about empowering mothers to speak up and share their mother hearts with the rest of the world. When you are brave and speak about your experience you help empower others like you to do the same. You open a space and give them a platform. You give them a voice while all at the same time letting them know that they are not alone. If you believe that all women with real Mother Hearts deserve more love and recognition, please spread the word.


This project is centered around love and recognition and one of the most affective ways for us to spread the love is through social media, Mamas! I would love to flood social media with Mother Hearts to bring awareness to this mission of helping to heal broken Mother Hearts. Below are some links to my Mother Hearts Albums on facebook. Find a Mother Heart picture that speaks to you then copy and re-post it or share it on your favourite social media website, blog, instagram, pinterest etc. Make sure you also share the link to the project so that others may easily find it. In the caption of your photograph, tell the world about your own Mother Heart – BE BRAVE! Start your caption with “My name is ………. and I have a Mother Heart.” Share about what your Mother Heart is filled with. It might be joy, bravery, sorrow, grief, love etc. Share why you feel it is important to empower other women who have Mother Hearts to speak up and raise awareness for this beautiful mission of healing and recognition. You can share as little or as much as you please. You have my permission to share, copy, print, give away and use any of the images in the albums below, I just ask that you do not change or edit any of them in any way. Send some Mother Hearts out to all of your mama friends and family. Take a moment to think about all the women in your life who may not feel recognized as mothers and send them some Mother Hearts too. Let them know that they are admired, appreciated and loved.


If you are on facebook and would like to join the online event and receive news and updates about the project, just click here. I will be adding more Mother Hearts Images to the albums over the coming weeks and I will also be sharing about the special Google Hangout that I will be hosting with Carrie from The STILL Project around the time of International Bereaved Mother’s Day


If you are a hashtag type of person, please use #motherheartsproject or #ihaveamotherheart


All media inquiries can be sent to


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A woman becomes a mother the very moment she opens her heart to the idea of loving and caring for a child and it is in that very moment that her Mother Heart begins to blossom. May this project bring love, strength, enlightenment, healing and recognition to you all.

With love,

CarlyMarie x


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