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sUBSCRIBE1tAfter years of people asking me to start a newsletter, I have finally found some time to set one up :) I plan to be sending out a monthly newsletter with all the latest news on my work, including community projects and artwork offers. In this newsletter you will be given the link to my latest Still Standing Magazine article and also the link to any talks that I may have hosted over at The Healing Conversations Youtube Channel. The newsletter will be filled up with some pieces of inspiration and tips on self-care and mindful healing after the loss of a baby or child and I will also be inviting Sam to write column on wellness as well.

If you decide that you would like to sign up, your email address will remain completely confidential and I promise not to spam your inbox. You can un-subscribe to my newsletter at any time.

The people who sign up today will be receiving a sneak peek at the 31 subjects for my latest Capture Your Grief Project which is due to go live at the beginning of October :) I cannot wait to share it all with you!

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The Project Heal Playlist

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel . Music has played a powerful role in my healing walk with grief. In our home, there is always music. I thought I […]


Sam Dudley – Project Heal

My beautiful husband, Sam has just launched his brand new facebook page at Sam Dudley – Project Heal. There he will be sharing his own story and work. Sam is a personal trainer that has a very heart centered and holistic approach. He is not your average trainer that just works on getting you looking […]


The Return To Zero – Women’s Retreat – Australia

I am so excited to announce that I will be giving some healing workshops at the next Return To Zero Women’s Retreat at a sustainable healing spa located at the base of Wollumbin/ Mount Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. I remember visiting Mount Warning as a child and even […]

Ceremony speakers2

August 19th – Day of Hope, World-Wide Remembrance Ceremony

UPDATED: Watch the full Remembrance Ceremony through this youtube video below. You are invited to attend the first ever World-Wide Remembrance Ceremony for The Bereaved Parents Community. This amazing event is being held on August 18/19th (depending on your time zone) – Day of Hope. The ceremony will be streamed live over the internet and […]


August 19th – Day of Hope – The Prayer Flag Project

Welcome. The August 19th – Day of Hope Prayer Flag Project is a profoundly moving, poignant and healing event to break the silence surrounding the death of babies and children. It is also an incredibly touching way to honour their lives. Each year we have thousands of people taking part across the globe, making this […]


An Open Letter To The Baby Loss Community

See this little love heart that I drew? At the center of this drawing is one small heart. This little heart represents the love that one person gives away. When that love is given away it grows into something bigger as it is passed onto the next person. When that next person gives that love […]


The Mother Hearts Project

The meaning of a Mother goes far deeper than I believe our greater society realizes. We seem to only recognize women as mothers if they have given birth to a live child, when really, we should be recognizing so many more women as mothers. Real mothers come in so many different beautiful forms. Some of […]


CarlyMarie’s Self-Care Affirmation Directory

    Welcome to my affirmation directory. Over this next year I will be adding around 6 new affirmations for my book each week to my art website over at RedBubble.  Each link will take you directly to the affirmation you were wanting to read. All affirmations are available in a range of cards, prints […]

Evening Meditaion1CarlyMarie

Evening Meditation

Last week we focused on setting positive intentions each morning to help ensure a beautiful day ahead. This week we are focusing on the last few minutes that you spend awake each day. When you are asleep, your subconscious mind is working and it is working hard. Your mind will take whatever your last thoughts […]